Wednesday, June 8, 2011

On That Congressman In The News

No, no, no...that's a Chicago style wiener. No one likes a salad on their dog!

What to say about Anthony Weiner? The dude definitely has the most unfortunate name imaginable for a scandal like this. Hell, it was as if this was his destiny. Can you imagine his adolescent years? Middle school must have been terrible.

The chorus of people calling for his resignation is growing and it is not surprising. However, you won't hear those calls from this corner of the universe. While the whole thing is creepy and displayed poor judgement - not to mention a certain photo I could have gone without seeing all over 'The Daily Show' for a good five minutes - I'm still not sure what he'd be resigning over. Flirting? Lack of awareness about how the internet works? Breakdown what he did - he sent pictures of himself over the internet where he was covered by clothes in the offensive areas.

No laws were broken, no public resources wasted and he never technically cheated on his wife.

What was done was dumb, to be sure. But the Quaker-like puritanism of the American media/public when it comes to sex scandals and politicians never ceases to amaze me. I'd love to hear the specific charges against which he should resign. There aren't any. Don't take this as some fiery defense of the man, my only point is that this is America. We already have the means in which to rid ourselves of Congressman Weiner setup within our beautiful democracy - its called an election, and he's up again next fall. The fact of the matter is that he only represents his constituents and it is only his constituents that should be put up to the task of deciding his fate. If Rep. Danny Davis here in Chicago had done this, my feelings wouldn't change - I'd look forward to exercising my right to vote him out in the next cycle, national opinion on the matter be damned.

So let's quiet down with the resignation talk. Talk and gossip all you like but let the system do it's work, that is why we have it.

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