Thursday, August 25, 2011

It Must Be Getting Close to Kick-Off

The Chicago sports media has rolled out the red carpet for Roy Williams. After a lackluster preseason game from the ex-Lion, Williams is the latest to be railroaded out of town before ever getting to the regular season. At least Jay Cutler is getting a break this year. For now. 

While the NFL is in camp and preparing for the upcoming season, the roller coaster ride that is the Tribune Sports section is in mid-season form. 

Two gems from the Tribune's top columnists over the past two days are already calling for Roy's head and begging for Johnnie Knox (!) to be the number one receiver. I'm sure that will work out great for them.

Williams on precipitous slide 
Big mouth, little production -- Williams just doesn't get it

These five-alarm take downs follow one preseason game in which first stringers play roughly 2-3 series. I'd go on to make a larger point about the never happy, always panicking Chicago sports media but I think you catch my drift. To top off all of this media outrage was the absurd and hypocritical lead story in today's Tribune Sports praising the depth of the Bear's receiving corps and citing.....wait for it.......rookie wide receiver Dane Sanzenbacher as a prime example. The NFC North trembles in fear. 

Cutler's receivers not the problem

As a Lions fan, it is enjoying to watch this annual circus of self defeat develop here in Chicago. As long as the press is aching for Johnnie Knox and Dane Sanzenbacher, I know my Lions are still heading in the right direction while Chicago treads water. Maybe this year the NFL will actually allow the Lions to legally win against the Bears. When that time comes, I do believe the Tribune building will crumble into the Chicago River.

What Happened to Jobs and Wages?

Read this piece about Hershey's importing low wage labor through a Cold War loophole in order to eliminate higher paying jobs and you'll quickly find out. The story is a perfect example of what goes on on a broader scale throughout the country each day.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Surprising Story of the Day

Here is a headline that will SHOCK you....

Report: Cheney says he advised Bush to bomb Syria

Honestly, wouldn't it be more of a headline if the media dug into who Cheney didn't advise Bush to bomb?!?